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The Latest on Coal Plant Poisons

Fayette Coal Plant


Danny Fetonte worked at a coal power plant decades ago in Pennsylvania. He was responsible for taking the lids off the ovens so more coal could be dropped in to run the generators. Read Article at the Austin Monitor.

power plant

No progress. Austin Energy continues to ignore need for independent comprehensive testing at the Fayette Power Plant.  Read Article at kxan.

Fayette Coal Plant with covered with cloud of pollution

Analyzing groundwater monitoring data that power companies are now required to report to the federal government, the Environmental Integrity Project found that groundwater under 16 Texas coal plants had unsafe levels of contaminants including arsenic. The pollution is linked to disposal pits for spent coal. Read Article at Texas Tribune

Spectrum News video screenshot

Texas is home to 16 coal-fired power plants, which the Environmental Integrity Project says are all contaminating nearby groundwater...Read Article at Spectrum News

man wearing cowboy hat overlooking coal plant

New data reveal pollution leaking from 100 percent of coal power plants with available records. Read Report from Environmental Integrity Project


The Lower Colorado River Authority or LCRA is a nonprofit public utility that was formed in 1934 by the Texas Legislature. Read article from the Center for Media and Democracy Source Watch

Lead Poisoning


Lead poisoning occurs when lead builds up in the body, often over months or years. Even small amounts of lead can cause serious health problems. Children younger than 6 years are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, which can severely affect mental and physical development. At very high levels, lead poisoning can be fatal. Read Article at Mayo Clinic.

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Recent research has substantially increased knowledge about the effects of low-level lead exposure on children’s neurobehavioral development. This update article focuses on two specific areas of recent research: low-level effects on cognitive function, and results from experimental and observational studies designed to prevent or reverse the damaging effects of lead on intellectual development, either through chelation therapy or micronutrient supplementation. Read Article at NCBI

Water fountains at an elementary school

An updated EPA rule requires drinking water in elementary schools be tested for lead and copper — a mandate that emerged from the Flint, Michigan, water crisis. Read Article at Texas Tribune


Lead poisoning is a serious matter. It happens after repeated exposure to things that contain high levels of lead. This could be old paint, water, candy from another country, soil, and more. Read Article at


What is lead poisoning in children? Any detectable lead in the blood is abnormal. Even low blood lead levels can cause delays in brain development and behavior problems. Read Article from American Family Physician


Lead poisoning -- at levels that do not cause immediate symptoms -- can permanently damage kids' brains. Read Article at WebMD

For common symptoms and how you get lead poisoning, check out What is Lead Poisoning? from WebMD

Coal Ash

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen speaking at a podium wearing a face mask
The congressman is targeting the pollution that is the byproduct of coal-fired power plants across the country, including his own district. Read article at Commercial Appeal
environmential integrity project

Groundwater Contaminated by Coal Ash Across the U.S. Read Report from Environmental Integrity Project

Abstract illustration, hand dripping with black liquid in front of coal plant

How the Kingston coal ash spill unearthed a nuclear nightmare. Read Article at Grist